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André Chairman and Technical Director

André is one of the founder members of the BFP/AAMS adventure. His daily work is mainly to supervise the creation of projects, manage the manufacture and follow the post sales feedback. Naturally curious, André is fascinated by the design and engineering.

Olivier Chief Executive Officer - C.E.O.

Founder members of BFP/AAMS, Olivier is responsible for sales strategy. He manages the commercial, marketing and quality team. Multilingual and sociable, Olivier has the right feeling for trade and relationship.

Eddy Medical Aesthetic Department

Attentive and available Eddy assists you to make a success of your business and help you to perfectly manage our devices in France and export, you have probably met him during a congress…

Jeremy Aesthetic Department

Versatile and available, Jérémy assists you with involvement in all your projects and the right use of our devices in France and International.

Mario Sales responsible for Spain

Jovial and committed to human relations, Mario has been part of the AAMS adventure since 2011. Responsible for the brand's sales on Spanish soil, Mario works daily with the sales team of the parent company.

Virginie Secretary - Logistic

Emphatic and helpful Virginie welcomes our customers by phone or live visit. She insures the logistic and the deliveries. Attentive and organized, you have probably already been in touch with her.

Laury Accountant

Laury is in charge of the accountancy. Rigorous and attentive she follows the invoices and payments. Laury works also in straight connexion with the secretary and the direction.

Guilaine Accountant

Calm and organized, Guilaine works in direct collaboration with Laury. At the accounting level, it ensures the proper monitoring of all financial and material activities internal to the BFP group.

Anaïs Marketing

Creative and energetic, Anaïs is the Marketing Masterpiece at AAMS. Her artistic sensitivity has surely caught your attention on our social networks, in the press, or at conferences. Committed to the success of every project, Anaïs is your best ally for boosting your attractiveness !

Romain After-sales service

Technician experimented Romain knows perfectly each all our devices. Available and reactive through phone, email or in live, Romain keeps the optimal performances of your devices.

Camille After-sales service Controller

Efficient and organized, Camille methodically manages the administrative tasks related to the after-sales service interventions of our technologies. She ensures that each step is followed with attention and responsiveness.

Bernard Receipt - Packing - Smiling

Historic member of the compagny, Bernard is one of the experienced employees. Dynamic and cheerful, he is in charge of package’s receipt and deliveries.

Yannick Research & Development Responsible

With more than 20 years of experience, Yannick manages the Research and Development department. Serious, diligent and inventive, the design and engineering have not any secret for him.

Valentin Software Development Engineer

Curious and involved, Valentin is in charge of software development.

Xavier Mechanical Engineering Technician

Responsive and inventive Xavier specializes in the development of the parts that make up the mechanisms and casings of devices. Materials and their properties are also part of his favorite field !

Alexandre Electronics Project Technician

Versatile and responsive, Alexandre contributes to the fine-tuning and development of our systems. Always willing to listen, he facilitates exchanges between the various departments.

Mireille Manufacturing site manager STESA

Friendly, outspoken and full of energy, Mireille oversees STESA, one of BFP Group's manufacturing sites, in Saint-Affrique.

Elise Control and Manufacturing Agent

At STESA, Elise is the last actor in the production chain: she ensures the conformity of the manufactured elements before they are shipped.

Fabienne Cable Fitter

Diligent, precise and patient, Fabienne is essential to the company: she is responsible for part of the daily production of our devices.

Géraldine Purchasing Responsible

Géraldine is one of the first members who have joined the company after her graduation. Since 1999, she manages purchases of our company and ensures that stock are sufficient and available for any need.

Isabelle Safety Quality Environment

Intransigent and stubborn Isabelle is in charge of the Quality. Essential request of our working field, her objective is to make sure that our are in compliance with the norms and our Quality Management Policy.

Manon Head of Regulatory Affairs

Dynamic, rigorous and methodical, Manon guarantees the compliance of our products. Her ability to navigate the complex regulatory landscape ensures not only the compliance of our products, but also the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Eric Purchasing Assistant - Stock Management

With an excellent analytical mind, Eric manages stocks efficiently. Working alongside Géraldine, our Purchasing Manager, he contributes to the fluidity and efficiency of our operations.

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