Terms and conditions of sale

Goods travel at the risks and dangers of the recipient even in case of postage-paid. Our sales are completed with a retention of title clause and the property transfer takes place after full payment of the price. A late payment penalty will be applied if the payment is made after the deadline mentioned on the bill at the rate of 3% per month of delay. In the absence of full payment of the price added to late-payment interest three months after the deadline mentioned on the bill, the sale will be rightfully canceled without any further formality or prior formal notice and the equipment sold will be returned immediately at the risks and dangers of the buyer, the deposit stays as acquired by the seller and will be charged successively on the market value of the taken back equipment, the balance will be attributed to the seller as compensation. The seller’s responsibility is strictly limited to the respect of the requirements that might be on the warranty certificates supplied with the equipment excluding all other requirement. At most, the seller will have to make the repayment of the defective equipment. Consequently, and regardless the nature or the importance of the default or of the alleged failure, the seller will not be held responsible of direct or indirect prejudice, both on persons or goods, for a failure of the equipment sold. In case of dispute or litigation, only the Commercial Court of Mende is competent, regardless the place of delivery, the payment method accepted and even in case of claim under warranty or plurality of the defendants. The Court will decide according to the French law.