Tattoo removal

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Tattoo removal by cutaneous exfoliation

Magic-Pen®: tattoo removal

The Magic-Pen® is a tattoo removal solution reserved for doctors perfectly suitable for all kind of tattoos, any colour and any quality of ink.

Alternative to Laser tattoo removal, the Magic-Pen® finds its efficiency through a natural reaction of our organism: the rejection of a foreign body.

At the opposite of wood or metal splinter, the ink is not identified by our organism, it is the reason why not any process is launched against it to extract it.

The Trans Epidermal Pigment Removal® (T.E.P.R.®) technique of the Magic-Pen activates the ink identification and foreign body rejection process. A lactic acid solution is used for that. Naturally secreted by the muscles during physical effort, the lactic acid is a consequence of our metabolism, well identified and naturally eliminated by the organism.

Presentation Magic-Pen

In the presence of the T.E.P.R.® solution, the ink is immediately identified and rejected by skin exfoliation. Works on all ink colours.

Intuitive process of tattoo removal

Immediately during the treatment a part of ink comes out of the skin. The ink on the surface is the proof of a good session.
During the 2 weeks following after the session, all the ink will be removed by an exfoliation reaction.

Exclusively medical, the Magic Pen® remove the ink of the body of the customer during the 2 weeks following after the session.

Preserve the organism

Most part of tattoo’s pigments are not natural but with chemical, metallic or carbonic origins.

The Magic-Pen® is a blind technique wich allows to remove all those pigments from the organism. It avoids any risk due to pigments storage and evacuation generated by nano or pico dislocations of the ink.

The necessary number of sessions with the Magic-Pen® is estimated by the practitioner according to the size of the tattoo, its quality and global features.


During the 10 days following the session a scab containing ink and blood is generated and will fall naturally. In order to maximise the results, it is recommended to take care of the scab, avoid rubbing and water jet on the treated area.

Magic pen®

expected results of the tattoo removal

Like all our ranges, the Magic Pen® has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.