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The Cryolipolysis which guarantees the results


The CryoSlim Hybrid® is the new Cryolipolysis generation for fat cells treatment by cold.

Managed by the Artificial Intelligence USER ASSIST®, the CryoSlim Hybrid® is the first slimming device which guarantees the results to the patients for sure until 95 %.

Its patented Cryodes® generate slimming results clinically better than the average and exclusively with healthy treatment temperatures.

Without consumables – Simultaneous treatments – Free hands session


USER ASSIST® is an Artificial Intelligence which reacts in live with the patient’s body. Fat volume, fat density and fat composition are analyzed by USER ASSIST®. A cross refering data adjusts automatically the Cryolipolysis parameters to be perfectly suitable with each patient’s morphologies.

Thanks to its interactive abilities USER ASSIST® makes the quality of the results for sure until 95 %.

The CryoSlim Hybrid® and its USER ASSIST® pilot system are on this way the unique slimming technologies able to ensure results for all patients.

USER ASSIST® – Artificial Intelligence
The first slimming device which ensures the quality of the results for all patients.

Hybrid – Associate the technologies Cryolipolysis + Shock Waves

OvoID Cryodes®: combine safety and efficiency

Petite Cryode® pour le traitement de la cryolipolyse

Morphological with its ovoid shape, the Cryode® of the CryoSlim Hybrid® is unique in the world and patented.

Striated over its contact surface and curve, it ensures a homogeneous distribution of suction. Particularly comfortable during the treatment, it preserves the body from the uncomfort post Cryolipolysis. This is evidenced by the 93% post-treatment satisfaction and the 90% recommendation of the sessions.*

Its efficiency better than the average is in part due to its patented cooling system using twice more thermal extractors than any other device. Clinical results are consequently high thanks to cold homogeneity on the whole treatment area. *

* Adjadj L, SidAhmed-Mezi M, Mondoloni M, Meningaud JP, Hersant B. Assessment of the Efficacy of Cryolipolysis on Saddlebags: A Prospective Study of 53 Patients. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2017 Jul;140(1):50-57

Shock Waves® technology

Pistolet Onde de choc AAMS

The quality of the slimming effects depends mainly of the fat composition.

The Shock Waves® is used before the Cryolipolysis session in order to break the fat fibrosis and make the fat more flexible.

Due to a higher flexibility the fat’s succion is better inside the Cryode® (CryoSlim’s® hand piece) and generates optimized results.

The Shock Waves® improves the results for all patients, especially patients who have poor chance to get good results. It can also be used to improve the orange peel aspect.

CryoSlim Hybrid® : combine cold and shock waves in a plug and play version …

Fat removal


Cryolipolysis is currently the best technique for fat reduction with durable effects.

Alternative to the liposuction, the Cryolipolysis works following a natural process which targets the adipocytes cells.

Reserve of fat, the adipocytes are highly sensitive to the cold ; an intensive cold exposure crystalizes the triglycerides of the adipocytes and generates the progressive elimination of those fat cells.

The first results appears 3 weeks after the session. The slimming process goes on 2 to 3 months post sessions then stabilizes the body with its new slimming shape.

Non invasive and without any pain, patients maintain their usual way of life, professional and social activities.

The practice of sport, well balanced food and drink hydration maximize the Cryolipolysis effects.

CryoSlim hybrid®

Expected results OF THE cryolipolysis

Most part of clinical studies demonstrate an average fat’s reduction from 15 % to 25 % of fat volume eliminated per Cryolipolysis session.

The CryoSlim Hybrid reaches better results with from 29 % to 39 % of fat elimination per session* (clinical study done by Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil – Pr. Jean-Paul Meningaud, Dr. Barbara Hersant and published on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery magazine).

* Adjadj L, SidAhmed-Mezi M, Mondoloni M, Meningaud JP, Hersant B. Assessment of the Efficacy of Cryolipolysis on Saddlebags: A Prospective Study of 53 Patients. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2017 Jul;140(1):50-57

This high level of clinical results is reached thanks to an exclusive patented cooling system which generates a cold twice more powerful and homogeneous on each Cryode®.

Before treatment
  • From 29 % to 39 % of fat elimination per session
  • 93 % of patients are satisfied
  • 90 % of patients advice the session
  • No pain

After 3 treatments (courtesy of Unique Skin LTD England)

These photos made by thermal camera (FLIR-360 T, high resolution) demonstrate the homogeneity and efficiency of the Cryodes®.

Like all our ranges, the CryoSlim Hybrid® has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.