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The mobile and compact Carboxytherapy


For all Carboxytherapy treatments, the Carboxy-Pen® is easy to use with an intuitive and quick control of its programs. Automatic injector, the treatment dose, flow and depth are adjustable for precise and comfortable injections.

All the treatment parameters are directly available on the pistol screen for an accurate following of the protocols.


Supplied ready to work, the Carboxy-Pen® is delivered with a complete starting kit and all the treatment protocols.

  • Universal : All needles and medical CO2 sources can be used
  • Complete : Face, body and hair programs and protocols managed
  • Easy : Dose, flow, depth adjustable by electronic control

This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product which, under this regulation, bears the CE mark n°36455. Please follow the instructions for use.

Carbonic gas injection for aesthetic applications


The Carboxytherapy® is the subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2 gas). Naturally generated by the organism as a metabolism consequence, the CO2 increases immediately the flow of blood and oxygen inside the muscular and adipose tissues.

Locally injected the carbonic gas is automatically removed by the blood circulation and eliminated by the lungs. In front of CO2, the hemoglobin balances the O2 and CO2 levels by release of oxygen (Bohr effect).

Performed several times, the Carboxytherapy increases the microcirculation and tissues oxygenation, it breaks the fibrosis and restructure the adipose tissues for therapeutic, rheumatological and aesthetic treatments with natural and lasting results.

Schéma de la Carboxythérapie avec le Carboxy Pen

Mesotherapy & Carboxytherapy – two devices in one


The Concerto® is the most complete injector for Mesotherapy, PRP and Carboxytherapy treatments. Exact combination of the Ultim® injector and the Carboxy-Pen®, the Concerto® is the perfect tool with all advantages of those 2 devices.

The Mesotherapy programs

Universal the Concerto® injects all kind of hyaluronic acid, Mesotherapy products and PRP. It uses the nappage, point by point, PRP and fillers programs of the Ultim®.

Electronic the Concerto® generates quick injections and soft contact with the skin.

This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product which, under this regulation, bears the CE mark n°36455. Please follow the instructions for use.

The Carboxytherapy programs

The Concerto® manages the carbon dioxide gas injection technique used on the Carboxy-Pen®.

Performed preferably before the Mesotherapy session, the Carboxytherapy increases the blood flow and the Mesotherapy products effect.

The combined action of those two techniques generates synergy effects for patients. The income cost of a Carboxytherapy session grants a quick and large profitability for the Concerto®.

Schéma de la Mésothérapie avec l'ULTIM

Like the Ultim® and the Carboxy-Pen®, the Concerto® works on Lithium battery for more than 20 hours of autonomy.

Inject locally and precisely


French technique invented by the Doctor Michel Pistor in the 50’s years, the Mesotherapy consists to treat locally through a thin needle injection. The Mesotherapy offers in this way the possibility to treat in situ with a small dose of active medicine.

Without global diffusion inside the organism the Mesotherapy injection allows the use of concentrated active solution and the treatment of pathologies like rheumatology, arthrosis, tendinitis, sport medicine and aesthetic medicine.

Few, rarely and on the right place.

Michel Pistor

Concerto, mésothérapie et carboxythérapie

ELECTRONIC INJECTOR : Precise, lightweight and quiet

UNIVERSAL : Any kind of Mesotherapy products, PRP and medical CO2 sources can be injected

EFFECTIVE & PROFITABLE : Combines Carboxy + Meso to reach better results for patients and allows 2 synergistic treatments

Like all our ranges, the Concerto® has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.