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Training is one of the keys for success and achievement of good results.
With nearly 30 years of experience, AAMS is one of the pioneers for aesthetic and medical equipment.
The expertise acquired on epidermis, dermis, fat, blood circulation and muscle’s treatments offers a global consideration of aesthetics with local and suitable action for each need.

For this reason, AAMS is able to provide a suitable, qualitative and complete training according to each device.

The training supports and certifications are approved by the Quality Management System and are in compliance with the requirements of the European regulation MDR 2017 / 745.

salon formation

All technologies and treatments protocols developed by AAMS target a natural, harmonious and lasting aesthetic. The training and protocols provided are all designed in order to enhance beauty and health with respect of the natural charm of the person.

Association between experience and innovation, the Artificial Intelligence USER ASSIST® guides nowaday the user to achieve the best results possible for each patient and each session.

Innovative and unique worldwide, USER ASSIST® combines knowledge, protocols and cross-referring data to analyse and suggest the optimal treatment for each patient according to his / her needs and the area treated.

Thanks to USER ASSIST® AAMS devices offer an immediate handling, a daily assistance and the guarantee of the results for each patient.