Since 1994, innovation has been the heart of AAMS’s concerns. To face this challenge the AAMS/BFP workforce is made up of 80% engineers in electronics, mechanics, on-board systems and senior technicians whose mission is to design, improve and innovate.

The result of that horizontal cooperation is that the company is at the origin of several major innovations in the anti-aging, aesthetic and well-being sector.

Historical innovations

2021 Galet Beauté®: exogenous mesotherapy available at home

E-Finger® expertise transposed to individuals. Accessible to all, practice a daily care protocol adapted to your needs.

2020 Plasma Cold-Hybrid-Hot: Plasma Gun®

3 Plasma technologies concentrated in a single device to decontaminate, repair and initiate tissue regeneration.

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2019 Cryolipolysis with Artificial Intelligence: CryoSlim Hybrid®

First slimming technology which guarantees results thanks to USER ASSIST® Artificial Intelligence. The guarantee of slimming results is done by an automatic optimization of treatment parameters according to the morphology of the treated area.

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2018 The non invasive connected mesotherapy: E-Finger®

Concentration of the technology on two fingers which generate non invasive Mesotherapy. Automatic creation of a suitable protocol according to the need of each skin thanks to USER ASSIST® Artificial Intelligence.

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2018 First Artificial Intelligence for medical aesthetic: USER ASSIST®

Automatic optimization of results by comparative analysis between the treatment area and the data controlled by USER ASSIST®. The user has real-time access to the expertise accumulated and synthesized by USER ASSIST®.

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2017 Low Level Laser and LED therapy : HelioSlim®

HelioSlim® treats stretch marks and anti-aging by using cold lasers or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and LEDs. HelioSlim® offers power and light diffusion for visible and lasting effects.

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2013 Tattoo removal: MAGIC-PEN®

Development of a process for extracting ink by exfoliation. Natural rejection of pigments identified as foreign bodies thanks to the Magic-Pen's Trans Epidermal Pigment Removal technique.

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2009 Development of photomodulation by LED

Synthesis of 25 years of experience through the LED REPAIR®.

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2007 No needle injection : Beauty Gun®

Automatic delivery of the product according to the needs of the skin.

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2005 Automatic CO2 injector: Invention of the Carboxytherapy

Creation of the Carboxytherapy by automating the Carbotherapy technique: automatic injection of Co2 through a thin needle. Control of the dose, gas flow and depth of the injection.

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2003 Automatic Mesotherapy Injector

Automation of the dose and frequency of product delivered.

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2001 Microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation : Peeling System®

Use of Corundum micro crystals to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin in a natural way.

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From now on, BFP Group brings together around thirty employees, ranging from research to sales.

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