The Advances grant by Artificial Intelligence

Eva Led®

LED phototherapy uses light energy to increase cell’s metabolism. The energy penetrates more or less deeply depending on the wavelength used. Effective on the epidermis through the short blue wavelength,
on the dermis through the medium yellow and red wavelengths and on the hypodermis through the infrared; Phototherapy thus treats most aesthetic indications including wrinkles, stretch marks, hair, spots, acne or skin imperfections.

The quality of the results depends on the performance of the protocols used and the capacity of each skin to absorb the light.

USER ASSIST® Artificial Intelligence is now able to optimise light absorption by adapting the energy diffused according to the phototype, the age of the patient and the quality of their skin. This
technological innovation optimises results for all phototherapy indications.

Artificial Intelligence managed by Phototherapy was launched by AAMS in January 2023, the
very first device is called Eva LED® for “Evaluation of the Energy absorbed“.

Allow to all patients to get the best results for their skin with Artificial Intelligence.