SEPTUORS ceremony: The industry award goes to AAMS compagny


Septuors 2021 : the recognition of a know-how !

BFP / AAMS winner of the industry category

It is with pride that we write these few lines.

The Septuors are a competition organised by the Midi Libre and its institutional partners with the aim of promoting the region’s businesses.

Winner of the “Industry” category, this prize rewards an entire ecosystem: BFP Group, its partners and distributors, without whom the company would not have this international influence.

Trophée des Septuors
Septuors trophy 2021, Industry category

In the particular circumstances we have been experiencing for many months, winning this award shows qualities of adaptation, flexibility and perseverance.

The ceremony, broadcast by video conference, gave the judges and spectators an insight into our company and its many projects for 2021 & 2022.

These include:

Finally, we would like to thank the Midi Libre teams for their availability, their responsiveness and their kindness towards us.