The dermabrasion technology by AAMS

peeling system, solution for dermabrasion

Peeling System en fonctionnement

The Peeling System uses micro-crystals of Corundum to naturally regenerate the skin. This dermabrasion technology combines the projection and suction of crystals, leaving the skin looking younger without the need for social eviction.

Thanks to crystal’s action, the Peeling session can be combined with boosting products, LED and many other technologies.

New smart SCREEN

User Assist, Artificial Intelligence for Peeling System

USER ASSIST® is an Artificial Intelligence which reacts in live with the patient’s expectations.

Gender, age, cutaneous state, skin type and expected effect are informed and analyzed by USER ASSIST®. A cross-refering data adjusts automatically the session parameters to be perfectly suitable to each patient’s skin.

Thanks to its interactive abilities, USER ASSIST® proposes an unique treatment protocol and ensures the quality of the results.

USER ASSIST® – Artificial Intelligence
First dermabrasion device that ensures customized and quality results for everyone.

Like all our ranges, the Peeling System has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.